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Trumpf/LaserLine Trumpf HL 3006D

Trumpf/LaserLine Trumpf HL 3006D

Application fields: Seam welding, cutting
Max. Ouput power (Watts):4000w
Laser power (Watts): 3000
Beam quality: (mm.mrad): 25
Laser light cable (micrometers): 600

The whole systems consists of:

1) Laser and optic system
2) Control, inputs/ouputs interface panel
3) Power modules - external power connection
4) Lamps power input
5) Regrigeration
6) Fiber optics
7) BEO machining optic systems - torchs (there is one torch for each application. Out torch is for 1 mm metal sheet welding)
It is always possible to purchase the specific torch for the desired application; welding, cutting, seaming, metal surface treatment)
Example: Welding torch
8) Computer with WINLAS or LASEDIT software for controlling the parameters.
9) Control panel

Power requirements:

Net: 400V+-10% 3P+PE/50Hz
Electricity consumption: Max 135kw / 166Kva

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