I want to sell my robot(s)!

Our robot stock fluctuates constantly because we help robots to find a new job every day. Robots come and go just like robot spare parts. We are therefore constantly looking to replenish our stock with decent robots. Robot purchasing is therefore a core activity of AUOK Robotics.

Do you have a robot for sale? Or perhaps several robots or even a whole total line? Would you like to exchange your current robot with a fresh AUOK refurbished robot? Or do you have robot spare parts for sale? Depending on the type of robot, we may or may not offer you a price. Of course we always pay in advance and we can take care of disassembly and transport.

Good to know is that we have to resell all robots including our warranty and that we therefore do not represent all brands. We are good at top-4 robot brands, namely ABB, FANUC, KUKA and YASKAWA.

Anyway: contact us and let us know what you have and what you want to sell or exchange. We will then discuss the working method.

AUOK always responds super fast, so you will have a quick answer!