The advent of CadCam is the most important development among the new technologies dedicated to the virtual and then real three-dimensional realization of all projects and studies of industrial, civil, plant, electronic and medical construction construction.

Until recently, the Cad-Cam software had to be compatible with large computers and, above all, the software could develop the interchangeability of signals with the latest generation of anthropomorphic robots, with an impressive investment cost.

We  have been able to evaluate all the possibilities of using CAD-CAM software managed and developed by the best computer designers, even with robots that are used in order to be able to offer the client a good accessible and amortizable investment proposal. in the shortest time possible.

We propose a compatible development with our used robots Kuka Kr210 Krc2 ed.05, with Cad-Cam in excellent condition: we collaborate with the best design and construction studios in China. we have the support of foreign experts always specialized in the sector.

We are always available to deal with the client with the development of a more suitable and favorable solution.

We have an external support of the highest quality that allows us to face all kinds of requests with great security and experience.

For more information: +8618123897892.


We always invite potential customers to call us to get to know us and to make sure that we also evaluate our proposals.

The cell will include:

  • One KUKA KR240 with a KRC2ed05 controller, totally refurbished by our expert technicians
  • A spindle with automatic tool changer, air or water cooled
  • Basic set of tools of 5 bits and 5 cones that would allow you to do almost any jobs
  • A tool holder station
  • Complete Sprutcam Robot Licence (
  • Installation, basic training for KUKA robot operator, introduction to Sprutcam training