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Robot Motoman MPX3500

Robot Motoman MPX3500

The MOTOMAN MPX3500 is a rapid and versatile painter that can paint car bodywork, bumpers, construction equipment, and more. The size of the painting booth is reduced in a high-density plan, which saves space. The L axis has no offset, allowing the manipulator to be installed closer to the work piece, saving space. To avoid interfering with the MOTOMAN MPX3500's hoses and tubes, they can be routed through the wrist part. This robot's process arm and big payload allow large bell applicators to be mounted, allowing for multi-color painting. The time it takes to training big cells can be reduced by transferring the data provided for one robot to the data created for the robot on the other side.

MOTOMAN DX200 Controller.

DX200 is one of the robust system architecture controllers of high reliability and system level efficiency for the robotic work cells. Variety of fieldbus network connections. Dynamic interference zones protect the robot arm and provide advanced collision prevention. Allows up to three auxiliary / external axes and can be mounted remotely. provides:

Application flexibility.
High productivity.
Minimal integration costs.
Application flexibility.
Increased reliability and energy efficiency.
Improved maintenance capacity, reduced average repair time (MTTR).
Category 3 Performance Level Functional Safety Unit (FSU).
Control of multiple robot of up to 8 robots / 72 axes with synchronized movement between devices.
Advanced robot motion control (ARM) provides high productivity and trajectory planning.
Small and light pendant with Windows® CE programming color touch screen with multiple window viewing possibilities.

Main specifications

Maximum Load of Robot: 15 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum reach: 2,700 mm
Repeatability: ±0.15 mm
Controller: DX200       


Motion range (°)

Axis S: ±150°
Axis L: +140º/–65°
Axis U: +90º/–65°
Axis R: ±720°
Axis B: ±720°
Axis T: ±720º


Maximum speed (°/s)

Axis S: 100°/s
Axis L:  100°/s
Axis U: 110°/s
Axis R: 300°/s
Axis B: 360°/s
Axis T:  360/s


Robot applications


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