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Other Robots Panasonic plasma cutting VR006 robot

Other Robots Panasonic plasma cutting VR006 robot

Panasonic plasma plasma cutting robot consisting of:

  • 6 axis industrial robot, 1360 mm horizontal arm reach
  • Panasonic G2 robot control cabinet
  • Hypertherm Powermax 1650 G3 series Plasma Cutter
  • Gripper + plasma cutting gun

Powermax 1650 plasma cutting source features

  • Recommended 32mm
  • Maximum: 38mm
  • Severance:44mm
  • Gouge Capacity
  • Metal removed per hour 10.8kgs
  • Depth x width 5mm x 3mm
  • Auto-voltage(TM) automatically adapts to any incoming power from 200V - 600V, 1 or 3 phase
  • Coaxial-assist(TM) jet technology delivers fast cut speeds
  • Reliability-forced design improves uptime and maximizes return on investment
  • CNC interface and Easy Torch Removal (ETR) provide versatility for handheld and mechanised applications

Panasonic G2 controller features

The Panasonic G2 robot controller features a 64-bit RISC processor and a Windows CE-based teach pendant. This controller can synchronize 3 robots and control up to 27 axes. It offers multi-mechanism control and can be digitally interfaced with high-performance Panasonic digital arc welding power sources. This allows adjustment and changing of the welding parameters through the teach pendant. You can control up to 5 digital power sources with the G2 controller.

The G2 teach pendant is Internet-accessible, has a 7 inch TFT color LCD, a GUI interface, and Jogdial.

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