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The MELFA FR series from Mitsubishi Electric robots with rigid arms and servo controls of the latest technology, safe and collaborative work applications, intelligent functions for the next generation, offer high precision and speed. allowing teamwork between operator and robot with a high level of security. Ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The RH-3FHR3512C is the ISO class 5 cleanroom version of the MELFA F series from Mitsibishi. On the back of the base there is an 8 mm diameter coupler for the suction; the maintenance of the cleaning levels depends on the conditions of a downward flow of 0.3 m / s in the clean room and the internal aspiration of the robot. Class of horizontal robot with multiple union type with installation in the ceiling that provides greater savings of space. with load capacity of 3 kg, arm reach 350 mm. Suitable for processes such as precision assembly of small electrical components, inspections, high-speed transport and packaging.

Robot general specifications

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 3 Kg
  • Maximum Reach: 350 mm
  • Controller: CR750, CR751


  • Y-X composite: ± 0.01
  • J3(Z): ± 0.01
  • J4:± 0.01

Robot Motion Speed

  • Axis 1: 672°/s
  • Axis 2: 708°/s
  • Axis 3(Z): 1500 mm
  • Axis 4: 3146°/s

Motion range 

  • Axis 1: 450(-225 to +225)°
  • Axis 2: 450(-225 to +225)°
  • Axis 3(Z): 120 mm
  • Axis 4: 1440(-720 to +720)°


  • Parts Assembly
  • Parts Handling 
  • Packaging
  • Inspections
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