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Other Robots Comau Rebel-S6-0.60

Other Robots Comau Rebel-S6-0.60

The Rebel S series of Comau's modular and small design robots are ideal for high-speed Pick & Place processes. Among them is the Rebel-S6-0.60 Scara type robot for base and floor installation with 6kg payload, 600mm horizontal reach, 200mm vertical reach.This robot is also found in the Rebel-S6-0.60c version for ceiling installation and wall, suitable for handling tasks, assembly, machines tending.

R1C-4 controller

It provides a greater processing, high performance and low energy consumption, since it uses last generation Industrial PC boards in a CPU. With flexible and reliable interface for a variety of applications as it integrates The new fieldbus generation, based on Hilscher technology and integrated by B & R in its remote I / O X20 family.

Technical data

• 4 axes, equipped with brushless synchronous motors and high resolution encoder
• Interfaces with the most common fieldbus and communication protocols
• Can become an Ethernet network node to facilitate remote diagnostics and upgrades
• Programmable through software and by the Comau Teach Pendant
• Dimensions: 266x427x498 mm
• Weight: 23 kg
• Working temperature: 5 to 45 ° C
• Humidity: from 5% to 95%, without condensation
• Extended line power range: 230V ± 10%

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