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Other Robots Comau Rebel-S6-0.45

Other Robots Comau Rebel-S6-0.45

Scara type robot Rebel-S6-0,45 Comau 4 axes with a payload capacity of 6 kg, range 450 mm horizontal range, vertical range 200 mm and repeatability of 0.02 mm robot which makes this suitable for robot applications handling, assembly and machine tending. Equipped with the powerful controller R1C-4.

R1C-4 controller

It provides a greater processing, high performance and low energy consumption, since it uses last generation Industrial PC boards in a CPU. With flexible and reliable interface for a variety of applications as it integrates The new fieldbus generation, based on Hilscher technology and integrated by B & R in its remote I / O X20 family.

Technical data

• 4 axes, equipped with brushless synchronous motors and high resolution encoder
• Interfaces with the most common fieldbus and communication protocols
• Can become an Ethernet network node to facilitate remote diagnostics and upgrades
• Programmable through software and by the Comau Teach Pendant
• Dimensions: 266x427x498 mm
• Weight: 23 kg
• Working temperature: 5 to 45 ° C
• Humidity: from 5% to 95%, without condensation
• Extended line power range: 230V ± 10%

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