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Motoman PX1850 paint

Motoman PX1850 paint

Year 2004. The high-speed PX1850 robot is available with either a three-roll or Lemma-style wrist, providing versatility and a smooth, superior performance in standard industrial and automotive coating applications.
The three-roll wrist design is ideal for painting contoured parts such as interior / exterior surfaces. The Lemma wrist is well-suited for painting horizontal and vertical planes.
The PX1850 robot is Factory Mutual (FM) approved for Class 1, Div. 1 use in hazardous environments. It features a 10 kg (22.1-lb) payload capacity, a 1,835 mm (72.2") reach, and a ±0.5 mm (±0.02") repeatability. The compact design of the highly flexible, six-axis PX1850 robot makes it easy to mount on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Advanced XRC 2001-FM Controller.

The advanced XRC 2001-FM controller features fast processing, easy-to-use INFORM II programming language, and includes application-specific software for coating.
Two types of programming pendants are available – the standard model for use in non-explosive painting environments and as an option, an intrinsically-safe version for use in hazardous conditions.
The XRC 2001-FM coordinates operation of robot and coating devices, including the gun, to increase productivity by reducing over-spraying and the number of times the spray starts and stops. It supports gun control instructions such as spray start / stop and coating conditions.
The XRC 2001-FM supports b standard networks (such as DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus-DP, and Interbus-S), enabling connection to paint machine controllers and line controllers.

Features & Options

  • 1,835 mm reach
  • Floor-, wall- or ceiling-mount options
  • Three-roll or Lemma style2 wrist available
  • FM rating: Class 1, Div. (explosion-proof)
  • MotoSim® EG simulation software (optional)
  • MotoMax® III warranty (standard)

Robot Info

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 10 Kg
  • Maximum Reach: 1835 mm
  • Repeatability: 0,5 mm
  • Controller: XRC

Robot Motion Range

  • S-Axis ±90°
  • L-Axis +100°, --50°
  • U-Axis +5°, -163°
  • R-Axis ±260°
  • B-Axis ±140°
  • T-Axis ±260°

Robot Applications

  • Painting and coating
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