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The new ultra-compact KR SCARA robots It's small, light, quick, and robust, with a load capacity of 6 kg. Provide optimal productivity and cost-effectiveness instantaneously, whether assembling small parts, handling materials, or testing. Almost any work may be completed right out of the box thanks to its diverse set of integrated media streams.

KR SCARA robots are ideal for small component assembly, material handling, assembly, Pick & Place and testing since they are easy to install, move precisely, and require little maintenance, Very short cycle times, Meets CE standards and is certified for excellent safety in nearly all work situations, Also appropriate for tiny robot cells.

The controller can not only be readily integrated into existing automation landscapes, but it can also serve as a functional twin to current KR C4 applications.

Equipped with KR C5 micro controller


The new KR C5 micro controller for small robots provides maximum performance, connection, and adaptability in the tiniest of areas. the KR C5 micro combines robot, PLC, motion, and safety control in ultra-compact structure.

the KR C5 micro has the required hardware resources and versatile I/O ports to allow it to rapidly adapt to future requirements and standards.

The controller can not only be effortlessly incorporated into existing automation landscapes, but it can also be used as a "functional twin" for present KR C4 applications.


  • Optimal software and robot compatibility, the integration into the KUKA range is seamless.

  • Minimal energy use

  • Space saving thanks to minimal hardware size

  • The pluggable KUKA smartPAD allows for simple and intuitive operation of the KR C5 mini.

Robot Info:

Robot  KR Scara KR 6 R500 Z200 KR 6 R700 Z200

Number of axis

4 4

Maximum Load of Robot

6 Kg 6 Kg

Maximum Reach

500 mm 700 mm


± 0,02 mm ± 0,02 mm


KR C5 micro KR C5 micro


Range of motion

Axis KR 6 R500 Z200 KR 6 R700 Z200
Axis:1 ±132 ° ±132 °
Axis: 2 ±145 ° ±145 °
Axis: 3 -200 mm / 0 mm -200 mm / 0 mm
Axis: 4 ±355 ° ±355 °


Motion Speed

Axis KR 6 R500 Z200 KR 6 R700 Z200
Axis:1 420 °/s 420 °/s
Axis:2 720 °/s 720 °/s
Axis:3 1,1 m/s 1,1 m/s
Axis:4 2000 °/s 2000 °/s


Robot Applications

Handling parts

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