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KUKA KR AGILUS EX anti-explosion

KUKA KR AGILUS EX anti-explosion

KR AGILUS six-axis compact robot designed for high speeds. It has a great advantage: its small structure and 6kg load capacity, arm reach and mounting versatility allow to obtain great precision in the processes in a minimum space.

KR AGILUS EX with anti-explosion features As a result of its construction, the KR AGILUS can work with extreme precision in areas where there is a risk of explosion. The direct air line is used to inject air into the robot in the EX version and pressure is applied to it. A dedicated external overpressure detection unit is used to monitor the pressure.

KR C4 features

  • Simple to plan, operate and maintain
  • Continuation of service-proven PC-based control technologies
  • Quick and easy operation thanks to continued use of familiar operator control concepts
  • Expansion of the set of commands for more user-friendly path programming
  • High compatibility with previous programs for the KR C2
  • Safety, Robot, Logic, Motion and ProcessControl in a single control system
  • Real-time communication between the dedicated control processes
  • Central basic services for maximum data consistency
  • Seamless integration of safety technology for entirely new fields of application
  • Integrated software firewall for greater network security
  • Innovative software functions for optimized energy efficiency
  • Future-compatible technology platform without proprietary hardware
  • Multi-core processor support for scalable performance
  • Fast communication via Gigabit Ethernet
  • Integrated memory cards for important system data
  • New fan concept for optimized energy efficiency
  • Maintenance-free cooling without filter mats
  • Highest performance in the smallest possible space
  • Maximum availability

 Main specifications 

KR AGILUS EX  KR 6 R900 EX KR 10 R1100 EX
Axis 6 6
Max Load 6 kg 10 kg 
Max reach 901,5 mm 1101 mm
Repetibilidad de posición  ± 0,03 mm ± 0,03 mm
Environment anti-explosion anti-explosion
Mounting position Floor Floor
Protection class IP 67 IP 67
Control unit KR C4 compact, KR C4 smallsize-2

KR C5 micro, KR C4 compact

Range of motion


Range of motion KR 6 R900 EX KR 10 R1100 EX
AXIS 1 ±170 ° ±170 °
AXIS 2 -190 ° / 45 ° -190 ° / 45 °
AXIS 3 -120 ° / 156 ° -120 ° / 156 °
AXIS 4 ±185 ° ±185 °
AXIS 5 ±120 ° ±120 °
AXIS 6 ±350 ° ±350


Robot Applications

Clean room application
Shielding Gas Welding
Mechanical processing & polishing
concatenation of presses

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