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Kawasaki BX165L

Kawasaki BX165L

The BX165L is a space-saving design robot with a slim arm that allows easy installation in "high density" applications without interfering with performance. It is characterized by presenting a high speed ideal for spot welding provides a large working space and greater flexibility, hollow wrist for routing cables and hoses, and can support a large welding gun, its automatic calibration function improves acceleration and deceleration of gun speed minimizing cycle times.

E Controller

E controllers are compact, reliable and high performance, have advanced technology in the CPU allowing greater productivity and trajectory control. Wide range of industrial applications supported by Kawasaki AS technology that uses a programming language that provides sequence control; possible expansion of up to 10 external axes for complete control of 16 axes. Easy maintenance and diagnosis thanks to its modular components and limited cables.

  • Ideal for primary energy distribution voltage of each region
  • Greater capacity for expansion
  • Closed structure with indirect cooling system
  • Digital servo system
  • I / O channels 32 (max128)
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