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Fanuc S-430iL

Fanuc S-430iL

Long arm version of the successful S-430iW. Reliable and robust high payload robot with high performance, reliability, and flexibilty. RJ3 controller. Few working hours.

• The robot can rotate about 360 degrees around its J1-axis, enabling operation in all directions.
• Slim arm and compact wrist
• Wrist unit water/dust proof is improved. IP67 equivalent.
• Flip over motion enables operation to rear side. Upper side J3 arm offset for customer’s convenience.
• Small interference radius and small rear side interference area enable installation in narrow spaces.
• Large operating space due to best suited J2, J3 arm length.
• Easy replacement for wrist motors and cables.
• Air, Signal & Profibus cables inside the mechanical unit.
• New R-J3 controller gives increased speed and smooth motion without vibration.
• R-J3 controller follows the same operation and uses the same teach pendant as R-J2 controller. The control unit can be combined with the mechanical unit as before.
• Quick and easy maintenance for R-J3 controller.

Robot Info

    •    Maximum Load of Robot: 125 Kg.
    •    Maximum Reach: 3002 mm.
    •    Repeatability: 0,3 mm.
    •    Controller:RJ3

Robot Motion Speed

    •    Axis 1: 105º/s
    •    Axis 2: 105º/s
    •    Axis 3: 105º/s
    •    Axis 4: 170º/s
    •    Axis 5: 170º/s
    •    Axis 6: 260º/s

Robot Applications:

    •    Spot welding
    •    Press tending
    •    Material handling
    •    Machine tending
    •    Palletizing

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