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Fanuc S-420iF S420iF

Fanuc S-420iF S420iF

Year 1999. The Fanuc S-420iF is a six axis robot which features a reduced payload and larger work envelope, suitable for handling applications. Equipped with the RJ2 controller, 16 digital inputs / outputs

FANUC Robotics' S-420i line of robots is engineered for maximum performance and reliability in the automotive body shop and is supported by our extensive application technology and service / parts network. The S-420i features a unique integrated controller, six-axis modular construction and a flexible, electric servo-driven design for high-speed and heavy processes.


* Work Envelope allows processing of large fabrications
* Modular robot design allows conversion form one model to another
* Combined mechanical unit and robot controller reduces floor space, point-to-point wiring and installation costs
* Minimal mechanical / electrical parts increase reliability
* High motion speeds reduce time between welds
* Rotation of 360 degree for axis 1
* User power / signal / air lines internal to arm for increased reliability
* Easy-to-learn and use application programming packages
* "QUick change" electronics cabinet reduces downtime to less than 15 minutes
* Low mass arm design allows high-speed positioning
* Proven arm design in over 13,000 S-420 robot installations.

Flexibility features

* Extension arm, heavy payload wrist, wedge pedestal, reduction ratio and balancer modules allow simple robot conversion to single point weld, rack mount, long arm or heavy duty types
* Flexible and expandable I/O system internal to controller
* Distributed I/O blocks to reduce wiring

Mechanical Features

* Mechanical construction provides precise positioning and high motion speed
* Direct drive on all axis results in higher reliability and reduced maintenance
* RV speed reducers provide smooth motion at all speeds and a long life
* Simple modular design with few components
* Sealed bearings and drives provide protection and improve reliability
* Absolute serial encoder positioning
* Wrist axis torque and inertia allows rated motion speed with large guns / tools
* Unique hollow RV speed reducers simplify cable routing
* Compact remote mount operator panel reduces aisle and floor space requirements
* Waist mounted forklift brackets can be used for peripheral and weld transformer mounting
* Compact arm option for close spacing of units

Robot Info


  • Maximum Load of Robot: 120 Kg
  • Maximum Reach: 2450/2850 mm
  • Repeatability: 0,4 mm
  • Controller: RJ2

Robot Motion Speed

  •  Axis 1: 100º/s
  •  Axis 2: 110º/s
  •  Axis 3: 100º/s
  •  Axis 4: 210º/s
  •  Axis 5: 150º/s
  •  Axis 6: 210º/s

Robot Applications:


  •  Spot welding
  •   Press tending
  •   Material handling
  •   Machine tending
  •   Palletizing
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