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Fanuc M-710iB/45

Fanuc M-710iB/45

Industrial Robot Fanuc M710iB/45 is characterized by offering efficiency and speed thanks to its compact size, AC servomotors and small footprint that allow to play a variety of applications with a payload of 45 kg and a range of 1706 mm. Can be installed on the floor, angle or ceiling. Equipped with the RJ3IB controller.

The FANUC R-J3iB is a controller of advanced technology that optimizes the performance of the processes; provides easy and intuitive buttons with LED to indicate the operating and cycle conditions, analog and digital input and output modules, flexibility in specific applications through the plug-in option allowing the controller to be reliable and efficient.

Rj3iB control

Type B cabinet

Main specifications

Maximum Load of Robot: 45 Kg
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