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Fanuc M-420iA 40 Rj3iB

Fanuc M-420iA 40 Rj3iB

The FANUC M-420iA industrial robot is designed for a variety of high-speed manufacturing applications including packaging, palletizing, material handling, machine load/unload, and parts transfer. With its 4 axes of motion and a 40kg payload, the M420iA Rj3iB is an excellent palletizing robotics system, and moves with speed and accuracy. The four-axis dexterity of the M-420iA allows access to multiples packaging lines with one unit.

R-j3iB control system

Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 40 kg
Number of axis: 4
Maximum horizontal reach: 1855 mm
Repeatability: ± 0.2 mm
Controller: Rj3iB 

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