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Fanuc M-410iB-450 palletizing

Fanuc M-410iB-450 palletizing

Year 2003. Heavy payload 4 axis palletizing robot. The Fanuc M-410iB features an R-J3iB controller integrated into the base to save space and ease installation. Integration is further simplified through the use of dedicated pneumatic and electrical connections on the wrist for end-of-arm tooling. This heavy-duty robot was designed for palletizing and packaging applications.

Rj3iB controller features

- Quick change amplifier

- Fast boot time < 30 s

- PCMCIA Software distribution

- Easy connections to a variety of I/O

- Color teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.

Robot Info

    •    Maximum Load of Robot: 450 Kg
    •    Maximum Reach: 3143 mm
    •    Repeatability: 0,15 mm
    •    Controller: Rj3iB

Robot Motion Speed

    •    Axe 1: 70º/s
    •    Axe 2: 70º/s
    •    Axe 3: 70º/s
    •    Axe 4: 180º/s

Robot Applications:

    •    Machine tending
    •    Palletizing

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