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Fanuc M-20iB/25

Fanuc M-20iB/25

The M-20iB / 25 robot has a wrist design with advanced servo technology to obtain faster cycles and high performance, and its structure is completely closed, with IP67 protection degree, for highly contaminated environments; large 25 kg payload capacity ideal for a wide range of applications such as automatic deburring.

The M-20 series of Fanuc hollow arm and wrist design specialized in multi-purpose work, this series is characterized by its useful load capacity, arm reach and speed. can handle up to a load of 35 kg with optimal performance, ideal for handling applications of different materials, have a shelf on the back of the arm that provides easy installation of the peripheral equipment.

R-30iB control system
Main specifications

Maximum Load of Robot: 25 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 1853 mm
Repeatability: ± 0.023 mm
Controller: R30iB
Motion range (°)
Axis J1: 340°(360)°
Axis J2: 240°
Axis J3: 303°
Axis J4: 400°
Axis J5: 290°
Axis J6: 540°
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