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Fanuc M-10iA/12S

Fanuc M-10iA/12S

The units that we have available are 2017 and virtually new as they were never installed.

The Fanuc M-10 series, specialized in articulated robots for light load handling, has a thin, hollow wrist that offers greater work space, ease of integration into work cells, and internal wiring to avoid interference with other devices. Robot series provides improved cycle times, high performance and is ideal for applications of collection, pick and place and machine tending.

The M-10iA / 12S compact 6-axis industrial robot, short arm, high inertia, high precision and speed, ideal for loading and unloading, semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications in clean rooms. Easy maintenance and reduced system costs.

R-30iB control system
Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 12 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 1098 mm
Repeatability: ± 0.05 mm
Controller: R30iB    
Motion range (°)
Axis J1: 340° (360)°
Axis J2: 250°
Axis J3: 340°
Axis J4: 380°
Axis J5: 380°
Axis J6: 720°
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