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ABB IRB 5500 FlexPainter

ABB IRB 5500 FlexPainter

The FlexPainter IRB 5500 was built for outdoor paint with IP67 degree of protection, including color change valves with up to 32 circulating colors, integrated into the robot process arm. Also two pumps, powered by integrated servo motors, 64 pilot valves, dual form air atomizer control and closed loop regulation, closed loop control of bell speed and high voltage control - fully integrated. It has built-in IPS system (based on the combination of process control and motion control as one) is a specific feature that allows an even greater reduction of the paint. It is the most efficient and flexible paint robot solution.


  • Get a faster return on investment
  • Improves the reliability of the automation system as a whole
  • Increases flexibility of new processes and new vehicle models
  • Reduces the size and environmental impact of robotic paint booths
  • Reduces the length and width required of the booth for the robotic painting system
  • Reduces air volume for ventilation
  • Reduces emissions from the extraction system
  • Reduce team scheduling efforts, both on time and on staffing requirements
The IRC5P is the newest generation paint robot control system specifically designed for the paint shop. Key elements of its user friendly interface are the new Exi certified FlexPaint Pendant with multi-language support, and the customizable PC software for paint cell supervision, RobView 5.

Main features

Maximum Load of Robot: 13 kg
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