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ABB IRB 360 Flexpicker cell

ABB IRB 360 Flexpicker cell

ABB Flexpicker cell, 4 axis, used to pick and place small parts from a conveyor feeder into trays. The integrated vision system allows this fast robot to pick and place small parts or bags which come out randomly on the conveyor. The robotic system includes a enclosed cell with the robot and conveyors (see photos)

Year 2010. Equipped with the latest IRC5 M2004 controller.

Setting up an application becomes easy using the PickMaster software. Based on experiences from 10 years, PickMaster has evolved into an invaluable help for integrators and users of IRB 360. It simplifies the vision configuration and offers the application tools needed for an efficient high speed picking application.

The reliable, market leading IRC5 controller is also an integral part of the FlexPickerTM robot solution. The IRC5 with True- MoveTM and QuickMoveTM ensures the highest speed together with path following facilities enabling the robot to track fast moving conveyor belts with high accuracy. The IRC5 is also available in a panel-mounted version that offers substantial space savings and easy integration into machines and production lines.

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