Robot training

If you purchase an AUOK refurbished robot or if you would like maintenance to be carried out by AUOK, we can provide you with practice-oriented interactive custom-made (ie client specific) training in the field of ABB, Fanuc and Yaskawa robotics. Training in Kuka is possible as well, in consultation. The trainings are focused on providing you general knowledge about the robot, robot programming and practical robot implementation. Our robot course is always adapted to your specific robot, situation and / or application. This practical robotic training can be given individually or to a group at your location or at AUOK Robotics in China.

What are the costs?

The great thing about this AUOK training is that it is basically based on hourly rates and you can make it as long or short as you think you need or, more accurately, as is necessary to achieve your goal. As a basic rule, we conduct a Basic Training of 2 days. Afterwards, or as an alternative to the Basic Training, there is the possibility of an Advanced training in which you go deeper into the subject matter.

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How do we proceed?

In consultation with your company we will determine the specific purpose of the training and your staff will work together with one of our lead robot engineers. The manual of the manufacturer is always the guideline of the training of course. Through theoretical basic information and related practical exercises in our workshop we get to work with the actual robot!

Basic Training versus Advanced Training

One of the main goals of the basic training is, among other things, that you or your staff become more familiar with the robot. Based on the information provided in our training you will have a basis for familiarizing yourself with robotics. Think about being able to give feedback of a fault to one of our engineers in advance. Be able to tell what is going on and consult what might be the case. Even better: perhaps you can correct a fault yourself. That would be extremely cost-effective and time-saving.

The advanced training courses go deeper into the subjects as discussed in the basic training. You indicate in which subject the extra level of knowledge is desired. Think for example of troubleshooting, robot programming, optimizing and / or integrating a robot into a machine.

How difficult is robotics?

This is a frequently asked question. The training can be made as long or short as necessary or desired and you do not have to know everything about the robot. Only what you consider necessary. The degree of effectiveness (the speed of giving the training) depends on the prior knowledge of robotics or related knowledge such as electrical engineering or PLC programming. It is therefore recommended to put together suitable groups, so a training of a mechanical man together with a PLC programmer will always run less effective than 2 equal levels.

The training sessions always include lunch and after the training you will always receive a unique numbered and personalized Certificate as proof of participation.